ZOSOE Plastic Sprout Maker with Container – 500ml, Sprout Maker, 4 Bowl , White


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ZOSOE You can make your kitchen work often easier with ultra high quality tools and accessories.
This sprout maker has bowls for different beans.
The sprout maker is manufactured using high grade food material to ensure durability.
Sprout Maker is manufactured to make cooking comfortable and easy.
Sprout maker for preparation of sprouted food that is high in nutritive value.
One can also use the containers for storage of dry fruits, namkeens etc for storage, when not in use. This Sprout Maker does not require any addition electricity or power to sprout the seeds.


Good For Health

Sprout Maker adapts traditional method to grow sprout beans & pulses in the most hygienic way.
Sprouts are proved to be best for good health and growing sprouts at home is the most hygienic way.
This product is made of 100 % Virgin food grade plastic and is BPA free comes with 3 large bowls to grow different sprouts


Hygienic Sprouting System

1. Keep The Beans Soaked Overnight In Water
2. Put The Soaked Bean In Bean Bowl Of Toss Sprout Maker.
3. Place Red Syphon Caps In Each Bowl Making Sure That They Are Not Right Above Each Other.
4. Now Place All The Bowls On The Water Container And Cover With Lid.
5. Bean Takes 12-24 Hours For Sprouting
6. Transfer The Bean In Another Container And Store In A Cool Place.
7. Clean The Sprout Maker Before Reuse


For Diet Salad

Create your healthy diet of hygienic sprouts easily at home, as you soak them in this sprout making container.


Highly Nutritious Sprout

Plastic Sprout Maker, White it’s time you upgraded to a sprout maker,and we highly recommend that you consider opting for the plastic sprout maker. Thanks to this sprout maker, you can enjoy highly nutritious sprout without any hassle of muslin cloths and such. It is all that you need to get sprouts in a clean and hygienic way. Use our inexpensive, purpose-built seed sprouters to grow a consistent supply of sprouts for each meal.

You can replace the water in between if sprouting is taking time so check after 12 hours and replace if needed
The tight lid ensures the sprouts are neither spoiled nor spill outside. Made of quality virgin plastic, it comes with a capacity of 500 ml
With its white colour and matte finish, the Floraware Beezy virgin plastic sprout maker scores high not just on the aspect of utility but also in terms of looks
Please clear the siphons with a needle before using it for the first time. Ensure that the pores between the compartments are clear

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