Unibic, Assorted Cookies 450g Pack of 6 x 75 g Mix and Match Perfect Combination for Your Day Daily Delicious Choice Chocolate Fruit and nut Honey Oatmeal, 450 gram


Choco Chip Cookies: Every bite of the Choco Chip cookie will give you a mouthful of chocolate. Filled with chocolate chips, these cookies are specially baked for the chocoholics. Fruit And Nut Cookies:Lots of nuts and fruits make this cookie a bicalicious fruity snack. Filled with blackberry, cranberry, fruits, cashew and almonds, these cookies are an all-time favourite. Doosra Jeera Cookies: A flavourful combination of butter, jeera and ajwain makes for a perfect cookie with your evening tea. Butter Cookies: Baked with dollops of butter, these crisp cookies let you savour the real taste of butter. These cookies contain 15% butter, three times more than our nearest competition. Honey Oatmeal Cookies: These legendary cookies are inspired by the spirit of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. In India, they were introduced by UNIBIC and were then called Anzac Oatmeal Cookies. The rich taste of honey combined with oats makes these one of our favourites.
Fruit and nut cookies bicalicious fruity snack
Doosra jeera cookies makes for a perfect cookie with your evening tea
Butter cookies blet you savour the real taste of butter

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