True Elements Pumpkin Seeds 500g – AAA Grade, Raw Pumpkin Seed, Diet Food


True Elements Raw Pumpkin Seeds are AAA graded premium quality seeds that are 100% natural, free from any chemicals or preservatives. Whether eaten raw, roasted or salted, these seeds make for a tasty treat. Just half-cup of True Elements Pumpkin Seeds contains about 58% of the daily intake of iron and 34% of the daily intake of protein. They have a soft, yet chewy texture with a subtle nutty flavor. They may be small in appearance but are packed with nutrients. Raw Pumpkin Seeds are great for snacking or to be added to any of your meals
ZERO CHOLESTEROL: They consists of Zero cholesterol & trans fat, hence can be helpful for heart health.
DIET FOOD: They are a rich source of healthy fats & packed with dietary fibre, keeping you full for longer duration & can help in weight loss.
OVERALL HEALTH: Pumpkin seeds comprises of minerals and antioxidants & improve prostate and bladder health.
SLEEP CYCLE: They are also rich in tryptophan which can help in destressing and can also help in relieving the symptoms of insomnia.

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