True Elements Jowar Flakes 750g – Flakes for Breakfast, Diet Food, Healthy Cereal


True Elements Jowar Flakes comprises 100% natural, whole grain millet Jowar in its purest form. It is rich in micronutrients, fiber and is easily digestible. Benefit yourself with all the benefits of whole grain for a quick, wholesome breakfast for the family, enhanced with pure & raw honey and additional crunch to it with the goodness of crispy almonds. Jowar flakes with honey and almonds are said to contain a good amount of fibre, meeting almost 48% of the daily requirement of the body. Jowar Flakes with almonds stays crunchier no matter how you consume it, whether you have it with milk or just as a quick grab-on snack. The sweetness and the healthy benefits of Raw Honey make crunchy flakes a perfect breakfast to your boring healthy diet, thereby meeting all your crunchy, tasty breakfast requirements.
FIBRE RICH: The rich fibre content can help facilitate your digestion, manage obesity and even regulate blood sugar levels.
HEALTHY BREAKFAST: These jowar flakes are a powerhouse of essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.The presence of these essential nutrients help keep the body healthy and keep all the ailments at bay.
100% WHOLEGRAIN: Within seconds, you can make yourself a wholesome bowl of delicious jowar flakes that is blended with honey and slices of almonds.
RAW HONEY: Benefits of honey cannot be counted on fingers. These flakes are blended with pure raw honey that is great for both internal and external functioning of the body.
DIET FOOD: Replace wheat with jowar to check results for yourself. Jowar induces a feeling of satiety- that can further help in your weight management diet.

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