Think Astrology & Grow Rich: With the New “Money Astrology”: Success Formulas for Business, Careers & Investment Decision-Making


Welcome to the “25th Anniversary Edition” of “Think Astrology and Grow Rich,” Dr. Paul B Farrell classic best seller. In recent years the original edition has been trading for as high as $450, indicating its continued popularity and value for Wall Street investors, professional financial astrologers, and business decision makers. Praise for the book comes from the dozens of stock/commodities traders and financial astrologers reported by Paul B. Farrell, MRP, JD, PhD in his original newsletter, “FNX: The Future News Index.” Listen, they loved it! — “The 7 Rules for Success using astrology are worth the price of the book alone.” Larry Pesavento, securities investor, trader and author of “AstroCycles.”
 — “Whether you’re a seasoned Investor, an eager entrepreneur or just someone who wants to get a solld grip on your financial future, 
Think Astrology & Grow Rich has something to offer you!”
 Tim Bost, business consultant & publisher, “Financial Cycles.
” — “This is the reason astrology is moving out of the closet and into the boardroom.” Henry Weingarten, managing director of The Astrologers Fund, Inc.
 — “Combining psychology, astrology and the world of finance makes for a winning book.” Grace Morris, Co-Founder, World Conference on Astra-Economics — “Information can make a difference between pointless struggle and one of focus and creative success. Buy this book, I know you’ll use.”
 Pat Esclavon Hardy, President of “Energies, Trends & Cycles.”

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