THE SECRET – Book 1: Mind Magic: (Diary Book for Girls Aged 9-12)


Book for Girls 9 – 12… The Secret – Book 1: Mind Magic

When 12-year-old Tessa moves with her family to a new neighborhood, she attempts to befriend her neighbor, a boy who she discovers isn’t very popular at school. When the cool group tries to lead her astray, Tessa has other ideas, and she steps in to defend her friend. A series of bullying incidents take place, and a hidden power comes to the fore.

What happens when Tessa discovers the secret and will she stick by her neighbor, or move on to the popular group who are very eager to have her join their ranks? If you love reading about kids with special powers and you enjoyed my best-selling series, ‘Mind Reader,’ then you are sure to enjoy this series too. It’s another exciting story full of drama, suspense, romance, boy crushes, friendship issues, and much, much more.

The Secret is a fabulous book for girls 9 – 12 that you won’t be able to put down. Young teens will also enjoy this story!

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