The Money Garden (The Art of Making Your Money Grow): A beginners guide to investing


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Learn how I was able to generate a $500,000 net worth working a minimum wage fast food job!Getting started in investing is not only the hardest part but the most important. Waiting just a few years to begin your investment career can literally cost you millions of dollars! This book was created to help you get started as quickly as possibleThe Money Garden is a beginners guide to the world of investing. Often times hearing others talk about investing can be almost like listening to another language! This book takes the concepts and ideas of investing and boils them down into something you can simply understand and start to implement right away. In this book you will learn:1.What to do with your money when you get it2.How to decide what you will do to make your money3.A great start to deciding what passion you have already that will be profitable4.How to start to develop the mindset necessary for wealth5.What it really takes to become wealthy6.How to start the habit of savings7.How you can start to invest your money7. a. Set up your first brokerage account7.b. Get a FREE stock worth up to $3008.A few Specific investments that you can start to look into that ensure a good return on investment (ROI) and are decently secure9.A few ways to increase cash flow10.A few common pitfalls when it comes to trying to build wealth and how to avoid them11.How to tell when an investment needs a checkup12.Some ways to diagnose the problem with your investments13.What you should do if an investment looks like it’s starting to go sour14.Common mistakes people make when starting to save and invest and how to avoid them15.How to tell when it is time to move your money16.How you should spend your money once you have it to ensure you don’t lose it allThis wont teach you anything but will get you started, and getting started is the most important part!