THE HONEY SHOP – Honey Mango Spread – Sugar Free Mango Jam, Perfect Addition to Your Healthy Breakfast (Combination of Alphonso Mango and 100% Pure Honey), 200 gm – Pack of 1


Fruit spreads, more commonly called as jams enjoy almost a permanent slot on our breakfast menus. They are soft, juicy, delicious, easy to apply and make anything delicious, instantly. The only thing they lack is the health. Most of the spreads available in the market contain only a tiny percentage of the actual fruit they claim to have. Most of the inclusions are table sugars, artificial sweetener, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and more. Our Honey Mango Spread is nothing but pure goodness of nature with a relishing taste.
Tasting good with bread, chapatti and fresh cream makes it the perfect addition to your healthy breakfast. Replace junk food snacks with something nutritious and try a toasted honey mango spread sandwich.
This all healthy and natural fruit preserve has a smooth texture that makes it easy to spread. Its golden colour comes from fresh and ripe mangos.
This product has no added sugar as it is sweetened with pure honey. Its mouth-watering flavour is all natural coming from fresh mango pulp. There are no added colours and nopreservatives.
We have created for you the perfect partner for a wholesome meal. Enjoy a heavenly snack and stay guilt free.; Package Contents: 1 x 200 gm of Honey Mango Spread.; Quantity: 200 gm

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