Tefety Brain Wave Gummies-Brain Support Supplement for Better Memory, Learning & Focus for Kids and Adults |Ayurvedic Memory Supplement with Goodness of Brahmi and Shankapushpi- Orange Flavor 30 Gummy Bears


100% vegetarian & preservatives free- Our Brain wave gummies are not only manufactured with high-quality products in the GMP facilities of our country but are also 100% vegetarian and vegan, gluten and gelatin free, preservatives free and made with no added sugar. 
Boosting Immunity- These Brain brain supplements are not only healthy for your brain but also for your immunity and body. Piyusha helps in the proper and faster functioning of the brain and provides children and adults with a healthy immune system. Piyusha (colostrum) a vital ingredient in gummies may strengthen your immune system and help your body fight disease-causing agents.
Brain Health- This brain supplements is combination of ancient ayurvedic Indian remedies with the new medical science to help make our brain healthier than ever before. These gummies are rich in Piyusha, Shaivala, Shankha Pushpi, Draksha, Brahmi, Iron and Vitamin B6.
Premium Quality & Higher Standards -Tefety maintains a strict approach to quality raw material selection.Our gummies are Non-GMO and Gelatine Free. Smooth Texture and clear shape asset for available in Attractive Teddy Bear shape and with all-natural colors. the gummies are individual packed in airtight wrapping that allows you to carry as many gummies as you want without the worry of them getting spoilt. chew them whenever you feel like it, and get your daily dose of nutrition. 

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