TECHNOVIBES™ Cleaning Gel (160ML Jar) Keyboard PC Dust Cleaning Cleaner Gel Jelly Putty Kit Magical Universal Super Clean Gel for Keyboard, Laptops, Car Accessories, Electronic Product(Green) (1)


Product Description: Are you tired of removing dust when you use your computer keyboard, Car Vents, Cameras, Printers, Calculators, particles and hair off one by one with? Are you tired of cleaning keyboard carefully but after wasting a lot of time, the keyboard is still so dirty? This Cleaner gel can help you! Very easy to use and can be used over and over again. Very easy to Use! Instruction: (1) Dry your hands before use. (2) Take clean gel out, pinch it to the desired shape. (3) Lay the gel on the surface to be cleaned, press it down for 2 or 3 times and lift it up – dust, dirt, hairs (and more) are picked Up. (4) After use, put the gel back in the bag and wash your hands. Absorbs dirt and dust in cavities. Reminder: Note: Keep the car cleaner slime away from direct sunlight and the place with temperature over 40℃ and humid environment. Don’t use car cleaning gum with wet hands,Do not rinse in water and wash cleaning goo with water The Keyboard cleaner putty is inedible, keep the vent putty away from children, Don’t eat it.
Safely cleans your home and office high-tech equipment, like keyboards, car vent, It can reach spots and gaps, penetrate into every corner to clean your devices thoroughly
Perfect for computer keyboard, phone key pad, TV remote, video game console, speaker grill, fan grill, air condition vent, car air vent, automobile dashboard, window sill and more
The ultimate high-tech re-usable cleaning compound that catches dirt on keyboards, mobile phones, telephones, mouse and anything else surfaces that you would like to clean

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