Taxmann’s CRACKER – Accounting | CA-Intermediate – New Syllabus | Updated till 31-10-2020 | 2nd Edition – Sample Read


The Present Publication authored by CA Parveen Sharma & CA Kapileshwar Bhalla, is the 2nd Edition for New Syllabus (Updated till 31-10-2020) with the following noteworthy features:

  • Strictly as per Revised Syllabus of ICAI
  • Coverage of this book includes:
    o All Past 21 Exam Questions till Nov. 2020
    CA-Intermediate May 2019 Paper | Accounting
    CA-Intermediate Nov. 2019 Paper | Accounting
    CA-Intermediate Nov. 2020 Paper | Accounting
    o Trend analysis of last 5 attempts
    o Questions from RTPs and MTPs of ICAI
  • [Sub-topic wise] Questions in each chapter are arranged sub-topic wise
  • [Chapter-wise] Marks Distribution & Comparison with Study Material
  • The contents of this book are as follows:
    o Accounting standards applicability of AS
    o AS 1 on Disclosure of Accounting Policies
    o AS 2 on Valuation of inventories
    o AS 3 on Cash flow statements
    o AS 10 on Property, plant and equipment
    o AS 11 on the effects of changes in foreign exchange rates
    o AS 12 on Government Grants
    o AS 13 on Accounting for investments
    o AS 16 on Borrowing Costs
    o Framework for preparation
    o Presentation of financial statements
    o Bonus issue & right issue
    o Profit or loss prior to incorporation
    o Redemption of debentures
    o Redemption of preference shares
    o Investment accounts
    o Insurance Claims
    o Hire Purchase
    o Departmental
    o Branch Accounting
    o Accounting from incomplete records (single entry)

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