Strength Training over 40: A 6-Week Program to Build Muscle and Agility


Live long and live strong—effective strength training for adults over 40

Muscle mass and strength are key to maintaining mobility, metabolism, and hormone balance as you get older. Whether you’re looking to jump back into a strength training routine, or this is your first time trying it out, Strength Training Over 40 makes it easy and safe to do at any age.

Start the next stage of your life strong with a comprehensive 6-week strength training program that guides you through building and maintaining total-body strength, so you can keep doing the things you love to do for years to come. You’ll find illustrated exercises and stretches, complete with step-by-step instructions and weekly home and gym workout routines that put all the moves together.

Strength Training Over 40 helps you:

  • Start small—The routines gradually get more challenging to help you build stamina and keep up good habits for 6 weeks and beyond.
  • Beyond strength—You’ll also learn about nutrition, recovery time, using different equipment, and modifying exercises to your current fitness level.
  • Which muscle?—Every exercise explains exactly which muscles it targets, so you understand how to do it correctly, safely, and why it’s beneficial for your body.

Protect your strength and vitality for the rest of your life with Strength Training Over 40.

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