SKD Adjustable Computer Arm Rest Ergonomic Attachable Computer Table Arm Support Stand Desk Rests Chair Extender for Home Office(Multi Colour)


Designed for Office Workers
Prevent the ‘Mouse Hand’, reduce arm stress, and eliminate the shoulder and neck muscle tension feeling caused by arm stress, creating a comfortable
working environment. Common occupational chronic diseases: myopia, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spine pain and mouse hand, the root causes are incorrect sitting
posture, hard desktop and sitting too close to the computer. An arm support helps you easily prevent these problems and relieve working stress.
Being too close from computer screen causes cervical pain.
Being too close from computer screen causes short eyes.
Sitting long time with incorrect position causes backache.
Office workers have mouse hand easily.
No Assembly Needed! It Can Be Easily Rotated Out Of The Way And Be Carried In A Briefcase Or Computer Bag.
Fully Adjustable 180° Ball Joint Is Adaptable For Left Or Right Hand Users, Effectively Contribute To Promote The Blood Circulation.
Suitable For Desktop Up To 2” (5Cm) Thick, Convenient For Home Or Office Use.Play And Work Comfortably For Hours.
The Computer Armrest Reduces Localized Pressure On Wrist And Eliminates The Constant Strain On Muscles In The Neck, Arms And Shoulders.

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