Siddhayu (From Baidyanath) Chyawan Yogue Jaggery Chyawanprash – Enriched with Zinc Vitamin C, Pure Cow Ghee | Immunity Booster I 900 Gms – Pack Of 2


Worlds First Chyawanprash With Zinc: Chyawan yogue is a traditionally made chyawanprash fortified with yashad. It ensures your daily zinc requirement of the body. Yashad in ayurveda means pure zinc, which is scientifically processed in aloe vera juice to create bioactive nanoparticles with immune boosting effects and better absorption.
No refined sugar, sweetened with jaggery & raisins (munakka): naturally sweetened with jaggery and munakka (black raisins), to make it the perfect low calorie, low sugar healthy chyawanprash
Made In Pure Cows Ghee: Traditionally churned ghee has been prescribed by the ayurvedic texts and ensures higher amounts of dha with numerous health benefits.| 32 Pure Herbs: Vegetarian, no refined sugar, no added colour or flavour, gluten-free, soy-free
Package Content: 2 Chyawan Yogue; Quantity: 1800 Gm (Each 900 Gm)

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