Saffola Oodles, Instant Noodles, Ring Shape, Yummy Masala Flavour, No Maida, Whole Grain Oats, 12 x 53g Pouch (12 Serves)


Introducing SAFFOLA OODLES – The Ring Noodles! Now, make your snack time truly yummmazingg with all new Saffola Oodles. Its unique ring shape makes it fun to eat and its lip-smacking masala flavour leaves you craving more. And what’s more, its healthy too- All Yummm, No Maida- so you can snack on guilt free. Saffola Oodles brings in the goodness of whole grain oats and real vegetables- thus makes it a mouth-watering snack filled with goodness- any time of the day!! It comes with a Yummy Masala mix sachet inside which you can add as per your taste. Saffola Oodles is super easy to prepare- get your hot bowl instantly in 5 minutes in just 1,2,3,4- 1. Simmer- Take 260ml (1 & 3/4 teacup) water and bring to boil. 2. Snip- Cut the pack, add rings and cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally. 3. Sprinkle- Add your yummy masala sachet mix to the soupy mix and serve hot. 4. Serve- Garnish with your favourite toppings and enjoy! We recommend making it slightly soupy for the best taste. You can get creative and add your own magic to it too- add your favourite garnishing – chopped coriander, grated cheese or more veggies for your own unique bowl of Saffola Oodles. You can have it with a spoon or a fork – it’s your choice. So, go ahead, have a delicious bowl of Saffola Oodles- your snack times will now be Oodles of Yummm and Oodles of Fun!
Lip-smacking masala makes it yummy to eat
All Yum, No Maida – hence healthy for you
Goodness of whole grain oats and real vegetables
Rich in Fibre and High in Protein
Make Oodles Instantly. Ready in 5 mins

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