REDO® Surface Disinfectant, 500ml spray bottle, ECDC & WHO compliant, Engineered in Germany, a highly effective broadband disinfectant with the power of 6 active disinfection agents


A trusted and tested quality disinfectant: REDO Surface is registered in Germany with its special formulation in the class of Surface Disinfectants. REDO Surface is a Hospital Grade Disinfectant as per US/EPA standards. REDO Surface is WHO and European CDC compliant for surface disinfection.
Federal Award for an Outstanding Innovative Product: REDO Technology received the Federal Award from the German Government for an Outstanding Innovative Product.
REDO Surface is designed for a highly effective disinfection of inanimate, hard surfaces, with a focus on, “frequently touched surfaces”. Frequently touched surfaces like: Door Holders, Light Switches, Table tops, Chairs, Handrails, Elevator switches, Benches, Toilet seats, Water taps, Bathroom surfaces, food cutting boards, kitchen surfaces, reception desks, wheels in vehicles, handrails in public transport
Ready to use Disinfectant Spray: REDO Surface is a ready to use surface disinfectant and needs no dilution. Just spray or wipe on the surface to be treated, until it is covered with liquid. REDO Surface is Free of alcohol and NOT FLAMMABLE.

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