Primer of Health by Dr H.V. Sardesai | Book on How to Maintain Diet, Personal Hygiene, Exercise, Inner Peace and Overall Physical and Spiritual Health [Paperback] Dr. H. V. Sardesai


“Health is wealth”. As per this old adage, health happens to be the primary aspect of life. It is the very root for better living and its absence can turn life topsy-turvy. Though there are many other aspects to health, however, the key factor to healthy living lies on the diet one follows. We are what we eat and this stands true in all aspects. ‘Primer of Health’. is an informative book on health by H. V. Sardesai who is a renowned writer in the field of medicine. He has penned numerous books on health and medical books that talk about healthy living. A healthy constitution is what everyone dreams of. Also, one does everything that’s possible to maintain it. However, there does exists a vast difference between a healthy constitution and what one does in order to maintain it. Actions and measures that are based on traditional ancient methods are completely ineffective which can thereby lead to greater harm of the individual. Additionally, the growing advances in science and technology must be a good balance with traditional science to gain good health. And this is the very crux that the author tries to make the readers aware of. In this book, the author instates in the reader’s mind how our constitution is closely linked and is an outcome of our lifestyle. These include our diet, philosophy, personal hygiene, exercise and peace. While many opt for medicines as the last resort from illness, but depending solely and wholly on medicines can do no help in maintaining a healthy constitution. Through this book, the author highlights why is the need to come out of the prevailing misconceptions thereby aid you to understand the very fundamental principles of health by maintaining a proper diet that can feed your health and not suck away life!

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