Outbound: My First Steps to an Inward Journey


Nitisha signs up for a 1-month yoga course in Rishikesh. What follows, however, is far from just peaceful meditation in the mountains. Seeking spirituality, she finds herself in the core of five challenging terrains- river, snow, wave, wind, and ocean.

She drives her Nissan for 3500 km, surfing along the Indian coastline, and skis down from 14,000 feet. She takes to the skies in a solo glider, and meets sharks in the wild. At constant crossroads with her fears, her ego, and her attachments, she starts looking at life from a lens of vedic philosophy.

Her explorations are interspersed with throwbacks to her student days at IIM Ahmedabad and LSR, her reasons for quitting McKinsey, her timid personality as a little girl, as she traces her journey as a person.

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