Organic Roots Bisi BeLe Bath with Barnyard Millets, Instant Food, Healthy Food, Ready to Eat Full Meal, No MSG, No Preservatives, 55 Gm (Pack of 4)


SPN-BNB85 Organic Roots

The veg instant meal packet is free from any artificial preservatives, colors and flavors and is made with nutritional organic vegetables and ingredients. We dont add excess salt, sugars, msg or chili to overpower the authentic flavors of the ingredients. Easy to digest, we use safe and sustainable ingredients sourced directly from farmers across India. The meal packet quantity when reconstituted is enough for a full meal.
Enjoy organic roots meals with an innovative twist for your taste buds when away from home or you want to treat yourself and your family within minutes or just want to eat something healthy. You can take it with you everywhere – there is no reason to now miss any meal. Start stocking your kitchen with organic roots product range and soon you will be able to whip up lip-smacking breakfast & meals in min. Simply pour boiling hot water in our instant meal mix and stir steadily. Serve piping hot.
Why consume undercooked, horrible tasting, processed and artificially preserved and flavored products with zero nutritional value and full of msg? With organic roots products you get wholesome nutrition at a convenience without compromising on the taste. You dont have to spend hours preparing healthy meals for your family. Just open organic roots meal packets and impress both yourself and your guests while doing 100 other things.
Package Content: 4 X 55 Gm of Bisi bele bath with barnyard millets; Quantity: 220 Gm (Each 55 Gm); Shelf Life: 365 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

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