Murginns Falafel Instant Tikki Mix, 160g | Easy to Cook | Chickpea Kebab | Ready to Cook and Eat| High Protein and High Fibre with Vegetables


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Savoury mIXES
Savoury mIXES

3 step process
3 step process

Images of mixes
Images of mixes


Loaded with Veggies

Easy to make

Preservative Free

Source of Protein

VEGETABLE PACKED : Our Falafel mix is made entirely out of plant-based ingredients. It contains moong dal, chickpeas, parsley, onion , rice, salt, garlic, ginger and spices.
CLEAN RECIPE: Our vegetarian falafel mix is great for all diets. It is not only vegan, but also free of gluten, soy, or artificial additives.
MULTIPURPOSE INGREDIENT: Use this veggie mix to make tikkis, burger patties or crispy snacks. All you have to do is add plain water, make the patties and cook them. Everything is ready in 15 minutes!
HEALTHY CHOICE: Our falafel mix makes it easier for you to make healthy choices. Have restaurant quality food at home and at the same time enjoy making it as well. The falafel mix is free of cholesterol and trans fats, yet rich in protein and fibre to keep you full for longer.

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