Jivo Daily Cooking Pomace Olive Oil |1 Litre | Rich in MUFA | Low in Saturated Fat


Jivo Olive Pomace Oil : Jivo Olive Pomace oil has neutral taste and aroma. It is ideal for all Indian cooking specially for Deep frying (Roasting) Sautéing & Grilling. Jivo Olive Pomace Oil does not change the Original taste of Daily Indian cooking. It has a high smoking point which makes it ideal even for deep frying. It is less absorbed in food very less ensuring low intake of Oil. You can prepare all Type of Cuisine using Jivo Olive Pomace Oil.
Low-Cholesterol Content
Good for Scalp Treatment
Pomace Oil keeps its nutrients when it heats, keeping food healthy and ideal for Cooking
Using pomace oil as massaging oil can gives a healthy and smooth skin
Has light flavour & aroma, ensures minimal change in the taste of preparation.
Vitamin K in Pomace improves bone density and strength

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