How to Start Your Home-Based Business [7 Books in 1]: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and Improve a Home-Based Business by Using Social Media Like … Instagram and YouTube and Make High Profits


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This brand-new book is a book written for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Forget the flashing banners, false promises of overnight success, and the phony internet gurus – this is business insight straight from the source. Laying it all on the line, each line of this smart guide has come together for one singular purpose: to bring your customer the undiluted truth of what it takes to make the 6-figure online business dream a reality.

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 How to remove subconscious negative beliefs about money

 How to create a 6-figure online business following a bullet-proof method that can count more than 2.347 case studies in the US

 How to create a budget, minimize risks and start with less than 97$

 Tips and tricks to discover the most profitable trends of 2021

 The best online tools available gratis online and how to use them stress-free

 How to remove problems with old documents that complicate the financial statements

 How to switch from paper accounting to online accounting with the tool Quickbooks

 How to manage the business portfolio in the best way and minimize risks

 BONUS: How to adopt the most profitable and tax-free* strategies in 2021

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