How to Command Over Spoken, Written and Media English


This Book is intended for anyone who wants to command over Spoken, Written and Media English. There are a number of people in our country who wants to speak, write and understand fluent English but are not able to do so due to their educational or societal background and as such, they need a support mechanism by which they can overcome their fear and fill their gaps. This book is intended for anyone and everyone who is passionate about learning English and needs the right direction. This is ideal for people who are from Hindi Background but wants to translate their thoughts in English. This book focuses on English grammar rules and translation from Hindi to English and vice vera. This makes it an ideal choice for Competitive Exams – Banks, SSC, Navy, Airforce, Railways and others. There are abundant exercises on grammar, letter writing, grammatical errors, art of interpretation, hindi to english translation and vice versa, vocabulary, Literary and Media work usage etc. The examples given in this book are collected by the Author over a period of number of years. The Author had been coaching a number of students on English Grammar for the past 35 years. Now all his personal experience and examples have been collected and presented in this book for the benefit of society. The Author has now retired but wants the society to benefit from his life long work. The author is also open to any suggestions or clarifications from the readers. The Author is not selling this book for Monetory gain but to help those who are really serious about learning English.

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