Glorioso Matka Jar with Air Tight Black Lid for Kitchen Dried Masla Storage Jar,Honey Jar,Jar and Container,Spice Masala Jar,Pot Glass Matka,Visible Glass Jar Pack of 6 (500 ML)


The rust-proof lids are air-tight, which means your herbs can stay longer. These spice containers can be easily used for various purposes, and these glass spice bottles are also very easy to clean. Wash, dry and sanitize glass jars with a lid any way you like!
The airtight lid is made of Plastic. Plastic lids are hand-wash allowed. Glass jars are dishwasher & microwave allowed, freezer and oven safe. Glass reserving jars very suitable for preservation and canning enthusiasts; the shape and size of the jar are suitable for canned homemade pickles, peaches, peppers, jams, jellies, ketchup, salsa, broth, etc.
The bottle after fine grinding, the bottle more transparent luster, visible fresh,The bottle at the bottom of the thick more than other products on the market, the quality is better.
Crafted of lead-free transparent glass, the jars contain none of plastic’s chemicals, maintaining the purity of your healthy drinks. The eco-friendly glass is kind to the environment, and crack-and shatter-resistant—lasting years, saving money, and further protecting the planet.

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