Fuel Your Body Naturally: Be a Long-lasting Endurance Machine


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Are you lost in the world of nutrition fads?

Are you confused if you need to be on a Vegan or a Paleo or on a Keto diet?

Here’s a book that talks about bringing the best Eastern and  Western concepts of nutrition together and how you need to consume food as a wholesome natural fuel. It’s perplexing that we seek answers from outside rather than listen to the signals given by our bodies. We have underestimated our body’s intelligence. Remember, your gut is your second brain. What your gut absorbs is more important than what you eat. Aham Bhramasmi- There is a Universe within you. Mindfulness is bringing awareness within oneself by being aware of breath, heartbeat, aches, and emotions. You will be free from any injury or illness by incorporating the right food habits. Your body will tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t. Just be aware and transform yourself into a long-lasting endurance machine.