Divayanshi Green Shade Net for Garden and Balcony with Niwar 90-95% High Density (6 x 12 ft, Green)


Divayanshi green net is a high density, durable and long lasting nets for balcony, gardens, cricket nets, etc. These green-nets can be easily installed using the free loops provided. thick fiber make the net to withstand the net for years in even adverse weather. Beat the heat traditionally, we use green-coloured cloths to provide protection against the sun’s glaring rays. This highly reflective aluminised fabric can reduce temperature by 90% to 95% and does not absorb heat. It deflects intense sunlight and uv radiation, allowing you to enjoy a cool and comfortable shade even under the sweltering heat. Happier, healthier plants plants need sunlight to survive, but too much exposure to intense sunlight can actually do more harm than good. Excessive heat can lead to the creation of harmful byproducts, which can damage and eventually destroy the plant. If you live in a hot location, covering your plant patches with this reflective cloth can help maintain an optimal temperature for your plants and prevent too much sun exposure. Ideal for outdoor adventures whether you are into camping, trekking, or going on beach outings, this aluminized shade cloth makes an excellent companion. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature while feeling relaxed and well-ventilated under the cool shade brought by this reflective cloth. Drape it over your camping tent or set up a small shed with this aluminet cloth to enjoy reliable protection against the suns intense rays. Promises many years of reliable use ordinary cloths will easily get ripped apart by strong winds or soaked by heavy rain. To promises extended outdoor use. If left outdoors on a rainy day, you dont have to worry about the fabric getting ruined as it is designed to withstand rain
?? MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – Enjoy a cool shade anytime, anywhere. Use this shading cloth to deflect heat for your tents, parked vehicles, dog kennels, campsites, vegetable patches and patios.
?? PROMOTES AIR FLOW – Aside from warding off heat and providing shade on a hot day, this protective fabric also ensures increased air flow and ventilation, thanks to its knitted mesh design.
?? WITHSTANDS THE ELEMENTS – Showing off HDPE knitted polyethylene fabric, this aluminised shade cloth is built to withstand exposure to water and heat. It also won’t fade or shrink even when used daily.
?? BRING IT ANYWHERE – Take this portable reflective shade cloth with you on all your outdoor activities. It comes with a durable drawstring bag that will ensure easy carrying and storage.

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