Develo Health & Nutrition Drink, Protein Plus for Adult men & women, Powder – 500 g Milk Chocolate


Develo protein plus with 3 high quality proteins, is scientifically formulated daily nutrition drink for adults which helps to support muscle mass and maintain strength over time, as a part of healthy lifestyle. It has 3 high quality proteins whey milk & soy protein, a unique combination of plant protein & milk protein. There are 20 amino acids and your body needs all of them to maintain muscle mass and strength. But 9 of them cannot be made in the body and so need to be consumed. These are called essential amino acids. The 3 proteins in develo protein plus contain all the essential amino acids needed to build and maintain muscle mass, important for strength. Develo protein plus is ideal for consumption as pre and post workout shake or as regular supplementation for adults. Directions for use: dissolve three scoops in 250ml of milk, shake well in a shaker, consume immediately.
Triple protein blend of whey soy & milk protein
Suitable for both men and women
No artifical sweetner & preservative added
Instantised proteins for easy blending & digestion

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