Daily Dump Compost Speedup with Microbes for Quality Composting – 950gms (1kg)


Price: ₹ 300.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of Aug 14,2022 03:07:37 UTC – Details)

This organic culture of micro-organisms makes composting faster. The ability to act on lignin prevents lump formation, reduces stench because it creates air spaces. It is a more effective as compared to the conventional composting accelerators that act only on the cellulose portion of the waste. If your pile is too dry, mix microbes in water and add. Else it can be added directly onto waste. For home composting use one teaspoon every 7 days. Mix into a moist pile for best results. For dried leaves these microbes are also great for leaf composting in our leaf composters. Wet your pile of dried leaves or grass. Add 2 tablespoons in 1 liter water and spray the pile once in 4 days. We recommend using it along with daily dump compost maker remix powder. Needs moisture to be more effective. You can also use this spray over plants and apply this mixture to root zone of garden plants. This helps control of fungal diseases, black spots of leaves, soil pathogens and unwanted weeds.
Contains a culture of cellolocytic and lignolytic micro organisms.
Helps in controlling fungus & black spots on plants and Plant Leaves.
Reduces the growth of Soil Pathogens and unwanted weeds.
100% Natural and safe product to produce Good Quality compost.