C# Programming for Beginners: How to Learn C# in Less Than 7 Days. The Revolutionary Step-by- Step Crash Course From Novice to Advance Programmer: 6 (Computer Programming Crash Course)


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Do you want to know C# programming basics, but you don’t know where to start learning?

Do you want develop applications, software, or video games?

This is the right book for you! this book covers all the building blocks of programming that you should understand before going into learning specific subjects.

Within this book, you’ll learn C# (C-sharp) programming language, which is a multipurpose language. What you’ll learn in this book:

– Installing and setting up an IDE (Integrated development environment)

– Different types of data types, their properties, and operators

– Conditional statements (If, else if, and switch)

– Loops in C# (while, do-while, for, foreach)

– Practical usage of C#

– Arrays and types of arrays

– How to write clean and better code

And much more.

Fully commented code example and output and coding tips more readable code are also included in the book!

Once you finish this book, you will be able to make almost any kind of terminal-based programs using C#, and you will be able to understand more advanced concepts swiftly

It’s about time to get started with new talent!

Shop your book now and be one of the first to understand programming as quickly as possible.