APPENDIX, Research and Development: How to Identify Your Money Making Business Idea (Starting a Business 1-2-3: Premier Step-By-Step Interactive Training … Business with Confidence & Clarity Book 1)


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From the Starting A Business 1-2-3 Series, the premier step-by-step interactive training system for starting your business with confidence and clarity. The Starting A Business 1-2-3 self-study program is divided into 12 monthly Modules, which are further divided into weekly sets of manuals and workbooks. The manuals and accompanying workbooks are broken down into the major “Steps” necessary to start a business, and are meant to be used together for maximum benefit.

This is the Appendix to Module 1, “Research and Development: How to Identify Your Money Making Business Idea.” In Module 1’s “Research” section (Weeks 1-3), we did the internal and external research necessary to successfully complete the “Development” section (Weeks 4-5).

This Appendix includes “Special Considerations” for some of the most common types of people we work with in starting their own businesses, including Work-at-Home Moms and Dads (WAHM, WAHD), Baby Boomers and Retirees, Minority-Owned Businesses, College Students and Recent Graduates, Currently Employed people starting a side-business, and those who have been Recently Laid-off or who have been Unemployed Long-term and are needing money NOW.