10 Top Tips On Ways To Earn Extra Money: How to boost your income, make life easier fast, working from home, taking a second job or making the most of money making opportunities.


10 Top Tips On Ways To Earn Extra Money (Booklet – approx 34 Kindle Pages)

Let’s be frank. Life is extremely tough for millions of people at the moment. Forget mention of a ‘Credit Crunch’….life for many people right now is a ‘Credit Meltdown!’ It’s certainly a highly worrying and somewhat depressing era that we will all hopefully be able to look back on and slap ourselves on our backs for getting through it.

Getting through it is exactly what this eBook is all about. For years many people have been searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ of get rich quick schemes. By now we should all realise that they just don’t exist. So in answer to solving most people’s current problem, i.e. lack of cash, I have spent many hours diligently researching ways to earn extra money.

Having researched countless ways to earn money, I have drilled it down to what I consider to be the best 10 opportunities to boost your income. Some involve taking a second job or working from home or simply making the most of the money making opportunities available in today’s marketplace.

Now, not all of the 10 Top Tips will be perfect for you, however, read through all of the opportunities carefully before you dismiss any of them. If you choose just one money- making opportunity that you think will work for you – then I will consider my job done.



•Selling Your Old Gold

•Blogging For Profit

•Selling Your Items on eBay

•Become A Freelance Writer Online

•Become A Mystery Shopper

•Start Completing Online Surveys

•Make An Income From Online Video

•Start Your Own Dog Walking Business

•Get Paid For Tutoring

•Get Involved in Paid Focus Groups

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